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Dear Students:

In the last few decades California’s population has exploded. Since the 1970s, it doubled from 20 million to nearly 40 million today. This crowding has led to a wide variety of problems: urban sprawl, increased traffic, loss of wildlife, natural resources stretched thin, longer emergency room waits, ever increasing job competition, and so on. If we care about the future, we need to have a national conversation about stabilizing our population.

Put plainly, virtually 100% of current growth is due to large numbers of people moving here from abroad, coupled with their high birth rates. The resulting overcrowding and growth is obvious in California, but not unique. These trends are happening to communities across the nation. Lowering America’s high per capita consumption and reducing immigration can help us make the most realistic plan to respect carrying capacity, conserve our resources, and secure a high quality of life for our future generations.

The Crowdifornia contest judges want to read your well-reasoned, compelling op-ed that helps raise awareness about the need for an open dialogue on population growth, immigration, and the trade-offs involved. We look forward to reading your piece addressing this challenging, but critical issue!
The 2016 Crowdifornia Essay Contest
Sponsored By Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS)

1) There is no cost to enter this contest.

2) The content of the Crowdifornia Essay Contest submissions must focus on overpopulation in California and its effects on the environment, the quality of human life, and the benefits that a stabilized population would bring.
3) Submissions must be original works and be based on factually accurate information. Each student may submit only one entry.
4) The Crowdifornia Essay Contest is a student competition that begins Mon. Aug. 8, 2016, at noon, Pacific Time and ends Wed., Nov. 30, 2016 at noon, Pacific Time.

5) Op-Eds should be written using generally accepted English writing standards and follow style guidelines in the AP Stylebook. Submissions must include a headline. Op-Eds must be between 500 and 750 words. It is suggested that entrants in this category review the editorial guidelines for Op-Eds 
from a 
sampling of daily  U.S. newspapers. Op-Eds must be submitted in a Word or text document.

6) Entrant is advised to retain a copy of the op-ed entry for his/her records.​

7) All submissions will be given a blind read and judged on creativity, originality, factual accuracy and effectiveness of message delivery. All decisions made by judges regarding winners will be final.

8) ELIGIBILITY: To submit, you must be a legal resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, who is at least 18 years of age by the contest deadline and enrolled in a university or college (state or private), a community college, or a trade or career-based school.

9) Submissions must be from students who are currently enrolled in school. Void where prohibited by law, rule and regulation. CAPS employees and members of CAPS Board of Directors, as well as vendors and agents for CAPS and their employees, along with immediate family (spouse, siblings and children) of all the aforementioned, are ineligible to participate. By entering the competition, entrant agrees to release and hold harmless CAPS and CAPS Board of Directors, as well as any associated vendors or agents for CAPS, from and against any claim or cause of action arising from participation in the competition or receipt of any prize. CAPS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entry it deems defamatory, obscene, offensive or racist.

10) Depending upon the quality of submissions, all awards may not be awarded. All submissions upon receipt become the property of CAPS and may be distributed publicly in any manner CAPS deems appropriate and may include, but not be limited to, Internet, television, radio, print outlets and collateral materials.

11) Those persons initially selected as potential winners will be contacted by email or phone. Potential winners may be asked to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, Release and Indemnification, a tax acknowledgement form (if applicable) and a publicity release. If a potential winner is disqualified for any reason, the potential winner’s prize will be forfeited without compensation of any kind and will be awarded to an alternate winner selected from all remaining eligible entries received during the competition. By submitting you are agreeing to all contest rules.

12) Names of final winners will be posted on no later than December 31, 2016.

The Crowdifornia Essay Contest is sponsored by Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization located at 1129 State Street, Suite 3-D, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (Ph: 805.564.6626) and online at
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